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The debt ceiling and the 14th Amendment.

So this is becoming a thing. It’s fascinating. Or boring! Depending. 

Here’s a Twitter-length summary: Some people say that Section 4 of the 14th Amendment takes the debt ceiling off the table as a political negotiating chip. Those people are probably all Democrats. I mean, they’re law professors, so yes. You know the 14th Amendment. It’s the one that guarantees equal protection of the law. Sort of important to civil rights. Apparently there’s this other part that nobody seems to have thought about for the past hundred fifty years, which says “you can’t fuck with the national debt for political purposes.”

This guy went and dug up the legislative history. And then says the worries back then are strangely similar to those now.

This guy imagines Obama’s speech on the subject, when he decides to smack the GOP across the face with a rolled up copy of the Constitution.

And this guy thinks it will lead to Obama’s impeachment.

So this is going to be fun! Maybe even the first real Constitutional crisis since Bush v. Gore. Which, by the way, was also a 14th Amendment thing.