A+ Level Driving Techniques in Los Angeles

Making a U-turn directly into a street parking space.

Making a U-turn to get out of a street parking space.

Waiting for the second onramp to the 110 from the 101.

Using the “secret” third lane to skip the line of cars where Santa Monica crosses Wilshire.

Timing your arrival someplace at exactly 7pm, when the right lane changes from “NO STOPPING” to parking allowed. E.g., Umami on La Brea.

Parking in a yellow zone or green zone after 6pm or on Sundays.

Taking a speed bump at an angle, one tire at a time, so you don’t have to dip below 35 mph.

Alternate: taking a speed bump with the right two tires in the gutter, so you don’t have to dip below 35 mph.

Successfully getting on the Arroyo Seco at any of those suicidal stop sign onramps.

Calling it “The Arroyo Seco.”

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