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How many mainstream news sources on Monday will compare Obama to the Giants and Hillary to the Patriots?  Watch this space for an ongoing tabulation! 


Does the Huffington Post count as mainstream yet?  Because it’s our first winner: Like the Giants Beating the Patriots, Can Obama Defy the Odds and Defeat Hillary?

"[The Patriots] occasionally fell behind, but always delivered, satisfying fans of pro wrestling, Die Hard movies and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, all of which thrive on an air of inevitability.” — The Nation

"If the New York Giants can beat the ‘inevitable’ New England Patriots and stop their march into history, as they did in dramatic fashion last night, maybe Barack Obama can pull off the upset against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination after all." — RealClearPolitics/Time

"Seems like the Obama campaign is setting expectations way low so they can beat them as easily as the Giants front four beat through the line to Tom Brady." — The Atlantic

"Still, appearing at the Meadowlands — home to the newly crowned Super Bowl victors, the New York Giants — did offer one advantage: the opportunity for countless If The-Underdog-Could-Do-It-Last-Night, We-Can-Do-It-Tuesday remarks." — New York Times

BONUS: Special Superbowl metaphor from Barack Obama, himself: “‘For me to be able to bring a Patriots’ fan to the Meadowlands the day after the Super Bowl is like bringing the lion and the lamb together,’ Obama said. ‘We can bridge all gaps and all divisions in this country… . Sometimes the underdog pulls it out.  You can’t always believe the pundits and prognosticators.’” — Associated Press

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